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Estate Planning, including Trusts and Wills

Protection for yourself and your family during your life and upon death.  Representation in the following areas:
  • Asset protection
  • Drafting revocable living trusts
  • Drafting wills
  • Guardianship
  • Drafting living wills
  • Drafting financial power of attorney and power of attorney for health care
  • Probate
  • Special needs trust
What is a revocable living trust?  A revocable living trust refers to a trust, separate from a will, that frequently is used because it allows assets to be passed to heirs without going through the probate process.  Avoiding probate will generally save substantial costs and time and maintain privacy.  Living trusts can also be utilized to plan for unexpected circumstances, such as incapacity or disability.
What is a Will?  A Will, properly written according to Georgia's requirements, is a document by which you communicate your wishes as to what should happen after your death.  It is a legally enforceable directive of your wishes and intent regarding matters to be attended to after your death.  Part of the document specifies who is going to handle your instructions.  The Will must go through the probate process.
What is a financial power of attorney? While you are healthy and of sound mind, you can appoint a person to act for you in all affairs.  Such a document, when created, can take effect immediately or can become effective upon the occurrence of some event stated in the power of attorney.
What is a power of attorney for health care?  A power of attorney for health care is a document that permits you to designate an individual to make decisions about your health care should you not be able to make decisions yourself.  This document gives directions about the kinds of medical treatment you want.
What is a living will?   A living will is a device by which you can let your physicians, health care providers and relatives know how you feel about certain aspects of medical treatment which you want and do not want, typically when you are in a state of permanent unconsciousness or in a terminal condition and unable to communicate anymore.
What is a standby guardianship?  The standby guardianship is a device that every parent should consider creating.  In the event that a parent becomes incapable of providing care for a minor child, a standby guardian can provide essential temporary care and prevent a situation with potential uncertainty as to who should be caring for your child.
What is a special needs or supplemental needs trust?  A special needs trust is a legal document designed to benefit and protect an individual who has a disability by providing for supplemental and extra care in addition to that which the government provides.  This type of trust can be part of a will or can be a "stand alone" document.  A special needs trust enables an individual with a physical or mental disability, or an individual with a chronic illness, to have, held in trust for his/her benefit, an unlimited amount of assets.